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January 17, 2021 @ 10:11 pm

Dave Shultz, MD On Continous Infusion Pumps

David Schultz MD is well known to our community. A leader in pain medicine for 20 years, his career has been punctuated by a strong educational commitment to ASIPP, a willingness to share valuable information with the pain community, and a giving spirit that has been an important guidepost for upcoming pain management practitioners. From all walks of life, physicians and patients alike have benefited from Dr. Schultz's knowledge, his forward-thinking, and his desire to contribute.

This podcast was a lot of fun. An interesting and contemporary subject that doesn't receive the attention it is due. Continuous infusion pumps to the central nervous system have been around for a number of years, and are an excellent source of relief, particularly those that have exhausted mainstream therapies. Infusion therapies are a viable addition to any practice, and to the benefit of many.

The hesitation to add infusion therapy is a perception that this technology is left for very large practices or institutions. Dr. Schultz helps us walk through those question marks with his processes explained in this exciting interview. His philosophy and practice procedures allow this therapy to be offered to those suffering from intractable pain,ASIPP, in an outpatient and nurturing setting.

Please join us with this podcast. As you will hear, Dr. Schultz is clearly a leader in his technology; Enjoy.

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