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August 6, 2019 @ 3:33 pm

ASIPP® Pod August 2019 - Distinguished Pain Leaders Prunskis, Prunskis, and Helm Discuss Issues That Face IPM

In this podcast, we have three distinguished leaders in the field of pain medicine. John V. Prunskis, MD, FIPP and Terri Dallas-Prunskis, MD, both pain docs, are on ASIPP®Pod for the first time. Highly experienced, they have been figures in the Chicago area for years. I have known them as skilled colleagues, skied with them, and always have had a great time being around them. Standiford Helm II, MD, MBA, received the ASIPP®Lifetime Achievement Award this year, and I consider this the top of the professional ladder. I am honored to know him, and the other Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Andrea Trescot, MD. Andrea is a true leader in our specialty, and a most deserving recipient.

I have matured through my career with them all, watched the specialty grow- because of their contributions, our patients have benefited. This was a fun interview to sit down and talk CDC guidelines, the opioid crisis, amongst a number of contemporary issues that face us all. The practice of pain medicine, regenerative care, and where this specialty is headed was opined. This is a robust career choice. As Terry Kath (Chicago lead guitar) once said "Let's keep this party going!" Tanglewood 1970, YouTube.

Hope you enjoy this, and yes, I feel privileged to have shared time with them. And it's never enough time, never frequent enough, but let's take this podcast and enjoy it over and over.

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